29th of August - 08th of September we will be hosting our first official residency. We even have a BUDGET(thank you "kultur und sportamt los"). This means 5 of you will even have acces to some money for material!! We can host more people though, as there is a lot of space at HdW. We could also share the cash as a group once we meet.
We will also supply you with 3 WORKSHOPS about the body, the economy and the avantgarde that are open for everybody.
We will open the ! exhibition 8th of September !

If you want to join this great mayhem write an email to or call us, DM us, PM us, come over, write us a postcard.
Just be sure to contact us before 01st of August!!!

kommt! kommt! kommt!

We are busy setting up infrastructure. ALWAYS open for spontanous drop-ins, for art actions or helping hands, mind and hearts.
We have a so many different events popping up in the next months: if you are touring and/or ready to showcase something, let us know!

sharing dread

In WINTER in northern Europe can be dark, cold and damned.Let's come together and do our taxes, articles, presentations, fundraisings, applications, pitches, planings, masterpieces, recordings
We share skills, carework, company, support and get through this! The body room is ready, the sweatlodge must still be built.


You think ritual, holding space, production of radical moments, witchcraft and all that are actually one thing that rocks the world. You should drop us a line