all of us are falling into the quicksand of our troubled minds, a postcore brutforce psych experimental band you will hear of

logotorium is a fancy trademark, a place for utopia to happen, a network in crime, sculpting studio

while the logotorium for public arousal is dedicated to post pornographic film and slapstickartmovies, the marinosophisches logotorium for ludographie und laborutopie takes care of the acoustics and general melancholy since 2009.

MuD - Muerbe u. Droege are projectmanaging collective and KvD (Künstler vom Dienst), paint, write, draw and sculpt. As the professional family they are they have been causing and solving crises since 2013.
K+J are the wealthmanagers at your side. They will support you in any way possible to spend your money artistically and offer a wide range of high risk as well as classic products.

_political_private_aesthetical_: a fragile platform balancing in space

in einem Haus // a house

with no order // wo keine Ordnung ist

ist Platz für viele // can host many
cause there is love // weil es gibt eine Liebe

die etwas anders ist // another kind of love
than the love for existing orders // als die Liebe zur bestehenden Ordnung

so gibt es Platz wo kein Platz scheint // so there is space where there seems no space